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Guidelines to Reviewer

The international digital journal Sociocultural community development and practices, (Journal SCDP) publishes texts which contribute to a better understanding of the field of sociocultural practices according to their settings. It is interested in the innovative practices of sociocultural community development in the social, cultural, educational, economic and political spheres with special interest in practices which contribute to the simultaneous development of persons, organizations and society.

Reviewers have for task to evaluate manuscripts submitted for publication. The decision of publication rests on their evaluations and comments.

Criteria of evaluation of articles

Submitted articles have to present a theoretical reflection anchored in empirical observations and contribute to the renewal of avenues of research or practices. The observations can be of qualitative or quantitative nature. Texts of reflections supported by an argumentation anchored in the literature as well as brief reviews and states of the research are also accepted.

The Journal is particularly interested in short texts presenting clearly their contributions and their stowages with the existing scientific literature. The writing must be clear and avoid the abstruse forms and formulations for initiated.

Reviewers have to submit their evaluation to the journal by means of its Web site.

Deadline of evaluation

Evaluations of manuscripts must be done within three weeks after the reception of the manuscript.

Responsibilities and duties of the Reviewers

Reviewers remain in charge of the evaluations and comments which they pass on in the Journal. Evaluations and comments must be honest, constructive, polished and aim at facilitating improvements.

In case of possible conflict of interests, they have the duty to inform the Journal. Such conflicts can arise when the work to be revised results from a colleague of the same institution, a student under their supervision (present or former), a friend or a relative. If the conflict of interests is important, the Reviewer must decline the evaluation.

Reviewers have the duty to handle articles received in a strictly confidential way. They have to distribute on no account or share texts to be evaluated. In case of incapacity or of uncertainty in respect for the criterias or for the conditions of evaluation, the Reviewer must inform the Journal.

For every article submitted to evaluation, the name of the Reviewers is kept by the Journal in purposes of protection of the rights of authors, follow-up and publication.






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