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Authors Guidelines

The online journal Sociocultural community development and practices (Journal SCDP) is committed to the dissemination of work contributing to the understanding of socio-cultural community development and practices in their contexts. SCDP is interested in a wide range of fields where these practices can be innovative and creative towards individual, organisational and social development and emancipation, including education, economic, and various cultural fields. SCDP publishes both theoretical and empirical work based on professionnal or scientifical practices and research, along with field notes and reviews.

This scientific journal adheres to a double-blind review process. Therefore neither the authors nor the evaluator’s names are revealed. Our principal criteria in considering and evaluating a document resides in its potential to contribute to the development of research and knowledge of our fields of interest.

As an international Journal, SCDP publishes articles in both French, English and Spanish.

Manuscript guidelines:

  • Length: 45000 à 60000 characters including spaces (approximately 15 to 20 pages) without references.
  • Line spacing : 1,5
  • Accepted formats: Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Open document (.odt).
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • Titles and subtitles must be numbered clearly (ex. : 1, 1.1, 1.1.1,
  • Citations and references: citations must follow the ‘Author (Date)’ norm and references must follow APA style (in its adapted version to either French, English of Spanish languages).
  • Footnotes must be kept to a bare minimum.
  • Quality and readability of graphics, tables and images are the authors’ responsibility.
  • Abstract (150 to 900 characters) and keywords. The abstract should comprise of a presentation of the case or problem under study, the theoretical approach, the objectives and the main results and conclusions.

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted online (via the journal website). No manuscripts will be accepted if submitted via e-mail to the editorial board members.

Each submission should include the following information:

  • Name of authors, affiliations (institution and status) and e-mail addresses;
  • A list of potential evaluators.

In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, authors are invited to inform the journal of evaluators which could give rise to such situation.

Selection Process

This scientific journal adheres to a double-blind review process. Therefore neither the authors nor the evaluator’s names are revealed. The submitted manuscripts are firstly considered by the editorial board for their pertinence. The accepted manuscripts are then sent to two evaluators. Given contrary recommendations, a third evaluation will be requested. Based on these evaluations, the editorial board statuates on the actual publication and necessary revisions of each manuscript.

The expected period for such process is of about 16 weeks.






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